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Mdm Celeste, why do you now stop offering this to others?

I notice that people who are not taught by me or did not take the Refresher Course have problems passing the exam. The Revision Course is thus not sufficient for them to understand the subject matter in-depth and not sufficient for them to pass the exam. There is no teaching in the Revision Course. They are expected to have studied and know their stuff well before taking the Revision Course. And I notice students who are taught by me or who have taken the online Refresher Course have a higher chance of passing the exam. It is a waste of money and time if you were to take the Revision Course without taking the Refresher Course first. Some people tell me that they can't afford to pay for the Refresher Course, my advice is, perhaps you have to think twice whether you really want to be a real estate agent. Real estate agency work is a business that one is entering into. If one is not willing to invest money and time in oneself to pass the exam, then this person may not be willing to invest time and money in his/her real estate business. Successful persons are those who know what they want in life and work hard towards achieving it. Thus, people who are willing to pay and sign up for the Refresher Course are those who will succeed bec' of their perseverance. 

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Mdm Celeste, why do you conduct the Revision online? 

I notice that students cannot stay focused for too long. Having it done online allows you to do it at your time at your own pace repeatedly till the exam date. Everyone's pace of learning is different. It is not effective to cramp everything into one or two sessions. By doing it online, I can put in more materials and update them after every exam.  

It comprises 20 bite-sized revision lessons for both papers; i.e. 10 revision lessons per paper. I recorded my vocal explanations to teach you how to pick the correct answer and provide a summary of important facts like mind maps and Mock Tests. 


Bear in mind that there is no teaching in the Revision course. You are expected to have studied before you attend the revision. If you have forgotten what you have learned in the RES course, you may wish to sign up for the Refresher Course to refresh your memory before attending the Revision Course. Click here to read the differences between Revision and Refresher courses. 

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