Online Refresher Course (Optional)

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  • Forgot what you have learned in the RES Course? No Problem. This online Refresher Course, created by our trainer Mdm Celeste Ng, is to help you refresh your knowledge.

  • You can access them unlimited times until you pass the exam up to a maximum of 2 years, whichever earlier. *Unlimited access is only for those who have signed up and paid for this online Refresher Course (not for the Full RES course).  

  • You get to watch how our trainer, Mdm Celeste, teaches her students for both Paper 1 & 2. Her unique way of teaching makes it simple for students to understand the law principles and policies. You get to read her latest lecture slides online too. 

  • This course is suitable for people who wish to attend the RES classes all over again or who were not taught by Mdm Celeste Ng AND for people who are retaking the RES exam.​ Not for new candidates. For new candidates, please sign up for the FULL RES Course here

  • Skillfuture funds and UTAP are NOT applicable. If you have not taken any RES Course before or your existing Certificate of Attendance has expired, please redo the entire RES Course with us Here. If you are looking for Revision Course, please click here. Click here to read the difference between Refresher and Revision Course. 

  • They are video formats with lecture slides and worksheets. Total 18 lessons for both Paper 1 & 2 of about 3 hours each for unlimited access*, which works out to be around $27 per lesson only.  

  • Watch Demo for this Online Refresher Course

What students say

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Bundle Paper 1 & 2



Paper 1 only


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Paper 2 only



  1. Please make sure that you have a valid Certificate of Attendance issued by an Approved Course Provider that is required to register for the RES exam before you sign up for this Refresher Course. Click here to check the requirement for the RES exam. 

  2. Your access may be removed after every exam assuming that you have passed the exam. To access it again for up to 2 years, please email us your result and/or the CEA's confirmation of your registration for the exam. 

  3. For PayNow or PayLah payment, please follow the instructions below. 

  4. For payment by Credit Card (extra 6% fee will be charged by Paypal / Credit Card on check out).

  5. A confirmation email will be sent to you within 24 hours after payment is made guiding you on how to set up the account. Please follow the instructions in the email.

  6. By making payment, you have agreed to all these terms herein. 



1) Log in to PayNow or PayLah

2) Scan this QR Code or pay to 98522227

3) Key in the amount

4) Pay

5) Email the following information to us. ( 

(i) Proof of payment

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(iv) Attach a copy of the valid RES Attendance Certificate



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