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RES Online Revision Course with Mdm Celeste Ng

IMPT: Read the TERMS first before making payment

Who can sign up for this online REVISION Course?

Please make sure that you have completed the online REFRESHER COURSE before you sign up for this online Revision Course. 

Do I need to confirm a seat for the RES exam before I can sign up for this?

YES. Sign up ONLY after you have confirmed a seat for the upcoming exam. No refund or postponement of this course if you did not manage to secure a seat for the coming exam. In the meantime, study first. There is no teaching in this Revision Course. You are expected to have studied before signing up for this online Revision course. 

What is the difference between this Revision Course and the Refresher Course?

You can read the differences at this link. They are for different purposes. 

Is this course online or physical?

This is an online course that allows you to revisit it many times before the exam.


Can I access the Revision Course again if I did not manage to pass the exam?

NO. The Revision Course is only for ONE exam. It will be taken down after the exam.  No re-access regardless of whether you pass the exam. To re-access for the subsequent exams, you need to sign up and pay again. Therefore, do try to pass the exam to save time and money.

Will there be any physical Revision conducted by Mdm Celeste Ng?

NO. Everyone's learning pace is different. Having it done online, Mdm Celeste Ng is not constrained by time which allows her to record her vocal explanations for you to understand why you have picked the wrong answers. This allows you to listen again and again at your own pace. She has also created worksheets for this course. 

Is this a video format?

Yes. The explanations are in video format. The mock tests and mind map can be read online. You may watch the Demo Video <HERE>.

I understand that I can read the slides online. But if I want to have a hard copy, is it possible? 

No. Mock tests and quizzes can only be done online. Hardcopy is NOT allowed. 

How long does it take to complete the Revision Course?

There are 10 bite-size Revisions for each paper with Mock test questions in it (a total of 20 lessons for both papers). Each Revision lesson takes about 20 mins to 1 hour to complete. Therefore there is sufficient time for you to complete them before the exam. 

Will the Revision Course be updated after every exam?

YES. Mdm Celeste will add new Mock Exam questions and any other new materials after every exam. 

When is this Revision Course open for me to sign up?

This online Revision Course is for ONE exam only and it will only be launched after CEA has notified the shortlisted candidates for the upcoming exam.  

Can it be viewed on all types of devices?

Yes. It can be viewed on computers, tablets, and phones with an internet connection. 

Can I log in using 2 devices at the same time?

No. The system will permanently log you out once they detect 2 devices logging in at the same time. This is to prevent misuse and to prevent sharing. Once you are permanently logged out, you are NOT allowed to access it ever again. Therefore, do remember to log out from one device first before logging in using another device. 

How much is this Course?

Please refer to the fee listed below. 

How do I make payment for this Revision Course?

Please make sure that you meet the above criteria before making payment. No refund if you were to make payment without meeting the criteria.  For PayNow or PayLah payment, please follow the instructions below. 

A confirmation email will be sent to you within 24 hours after payment is made guiding you on how to set up the account. Please follow the instructions in the email. By making payment, you have agreed to all these terms herein. 

Hands on Computer Keyboard

Bundle Paper 1 & 2



Paper 1 only


Mac Mouse

Paper 2 only




1) Log in to PayNow or PayLah

2) Scan this QR Code or pay to 98522227

3) Key in the amount

4) Pay

5) Email the following information to us. ( 

(i) Proof of payment for this Revision Course

(ii) Indicate for which paper

(iii) Your mobile number

(iv) Indicate either "Student of Refresher Course" or"Hastor ____ (fill up the RES intake no. in the blank)"
(v) Attach the confirmation of you being shortlisted for the upcoming exam and the proof of the payment of the exam fee.

Note: Please make sure that you are eligible to sign up for this online Revision Course before making payment.

No refund if you were to make payment without meeting the criteria. 


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