Online Revision Course (Optional)

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  • The online Revision Course, designed by our Trainer Mdm Celeste Ng, is to prepare you for the upcoming exam. 

  • It includes Mdm Celeste Ng’s vocal explanations and summary slides. Many students passed the exam under her guidance. The latest Revision Course includes some of the latest exam questions. 

  • It is interactive (not video format). It comprises of 20 bite-sized lessons with Mock tests for only $11 per lesson.

  • Do them at your own pace at your own time till the exam date. 

  • There is NO teaching in this Revision Course. You are expected to study first before taking this online revision. If you have forgotten what you have learned in the RES course, you may wish to sign up for the Refresher Course to refresh your memory before attending the Revision Course. Click here to read the differences between Revision and Refresher Course. 

  • The online Revision Course is only for ONE exam (i.e. for the coming exam). It is advisable to sign up only after you have registered for the exam. You will not be able to access it after 27 June 2021 or any postponed date  (last date of the coming exam)  and to access it again, you have to sign up the pay for this online revision course again regardless of whether you manage to take the exam or whether you pass the exam. 

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What students say

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  • "This online revision is fantastic. It is very helpful. It helps me to recap what I have learned in class. I can go through it over and over again until I am absolutely clear about the facts and principles, especially on unfamiliar terms. I need more time for the concepts and facts to sink in". From Paul Seow

  • "Thank you Celeste for putting in soooo much effort in designing this online revision course to help us prepare for the exam. They are really good and helpful. Your vocal explanation is sooooo clear. In fact, most of the things that you go thru with us came out in the exam". From Michele Tang. 

  • And many more.... Read What The Students Say. 


  1. This course is designed for the preparation of 1 RES exam. No postponement is allowed regardless of whether you manage to secure a seat for the coming exam. Therefore it is advisable to sign up this online Revision Course only after you have confirmed a seat for the RES exam.

  2. You are allowed to access the course until the exam date. After which, it will be taken down. No re-access regardless of whether you pass the exam. 

  3. To re-access, you need to sign up and pay again. Therefore, do try to pass the exam to save time and money.  

  4. Materials are updated by our trainer after each exam with the latest rules and regulations.

  5. Fee: 
            Paper 1 & 2: $220
            Paper 1 only: $110
            Paper 2 only: $110

  6. Payment by Credit Card (extra 6% fee will be charged by Paypal / Credit Card on check out). For PayNow or PayLah payment, please scan the QR Code below. 

  7. A confirmation email will be sent to you within 24 hours after payment is made guiding you how to set up the account. Please follow the instructions on it. 



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