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RES Online Refresher Course (For everyone)


Forgot what you have learned in the RES course? No Worry. This Refresher Course is to help you refresh your knowledge. Unlimited access till you pass the exam up to a maximum of 2 years whichever earlier. It is suitable for people who wish to retake the RES Course with a valid Certificate of Attendance issued by an Approved Training Center. It does not replace the RES course. If you have not taken the RES Course before, please sign up RES Course with Hastor here. You can sign up for this online Refresher Course even though you have completed your RES course with other training centers. 

RES Online Revision Course (Not for everyone)

Online Revision is exclusively for students of Hastor and students of the online Refresher Course ONLY. Why? Read Mdm Celeste Ng's reasons <HERE>. 

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Have Question/Request on the Online Revision or Refresher Courses? Click here 

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